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Water Wood Custom Baits

300 XD

300 XD

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Manufacturer Description:

"The Water Wood 300 XD combines the resilience of our Brazilian rainforest heritage with the many innovations fostered by Carolina cranking culture. This is a deep diver that not only casts a country mile, but also gets down into the desired depth range sooner than the competition, meaning that you get more time in the strike zone. Furthermore, as the result of the distinctive lip design and placement, it rolls over cover, including rocks, wood and brush. That means you can throw it where other anglers will only cast single-hooked lures and trigger strikes from fish that are not in a feeding mood.

The 300 XD will easily hit 10 feet deep on 12 lb. test fluorocarbon. That makes it perfect for a wide range of casting applications throughout the year, although they’re at their best in the summertime, when precise casts to specific pieces of offshore structure hold schools of bass. This is a crankbait that’ll trigger the biggest fish in the school and keep them biting.

As with all Water Wood crankbaits, each 300 XD is water-tested, tuned and completely inspected before being put in the hands of serious anglers. Most bass will inhale them, but thanks to the premium treble hooks and split rings you can expect even those that slap at the bait to get hooked and stay hooked."

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