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Water Wood Custom Baits



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Manufacturer Description:

"The BDS 1 crankbaits are built on the heritage of lures made famous in the Ozarks region, but their effectiveness extends to anywhere you want to fish a crankbait through rock cover. They’re among our few crankbaits that are intended to “hunt” during the retrieve in order to trigger strikes, and they excel when bass are feeding on small prey or are heavily affected by fishing pressure.

 The BDS 1 dives down to 2.5 feet, and thanks to its compact, rounded body it can be cast long distances. Because of the square bill, they deflect well off of cover such as pea gravel and softball-sized rocks. Savvy anglers know that they’re not just deadly around rock cover, though. The larger profile and heavy vibration mean that they come through buck brush and other thick cover remarkably well, and because of the heavy thump they excel in dirtier water."

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