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Water Wood Custom Baits



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Manufacturer Description:

"The Echo 1 builds upon the long history of square bill excellence, but incorporates several features and processes that make it more durable and more snagresistant. Specifically, our use of Marupá Pedra wood from the Amazon Rainforest makes our crankbaits exceptionally consistent and resilient. When combined with a specialized paint process made to handle repeated abuse and best-in-class hardware, this compact lure can be put into four-wheel drive, running it through brush and into rocks and wood. Put it to the test and you’ll see that it’ll outfish and outlast the competition. Its nearly bulletproof construction is complemented by the fact that the lip angle is designed so that when it comes in contact with immovable cover it “rolls over” on its back before continuing its path forward, shielding the hooks from anything that the lure might snag upon.

Additionally, the higher density of the Marupá Pedra wood from the Amazon rainforest produces a remarkably consistent hard “thump” that triggers jarring strikes from even reluctant or neutral fish. That means you can fish behind other anglers, or in hard-hit areas, and continue to catch fish when others struggle. It excels in both the pre- and post-spawn, and again in the fall, or any time fish are in thick cover feeding on smaller baitfish."

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