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Water Wood Custom Baits

Mini Pig

Mini Pig

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Manufacturer Description:

"While the Water Wood model Cute Pig is already a finesse-oriented crankbait, several anglers and friends have been asking us for an even smaller version for times when bass are particularly finicky or feeding on smaller forage. 

 Of course, there are already “mini” crankbaits on the market, but our new Water Wood model Mini Pig solves several of the problems that plague most of them, especially those made of wood – they don’t cast well at all, particularly in the wind. 

 We worked tirelessly through countess prototypes of body shapes, leap designs and internal weights modifications to make a castable, wind-efficient, Water Wood characteristic durable lure that has the tight, hard wobble necessary to catch the Biggens when it counts the most.

 The Mini Pig comes in shallow and deep versions which dive 2- and 4-feet, respectively. They are available in all of Water Wood’s most popular colors."

- Built out of Marupá Pedra wood from the Amazon Rainforest.

- Depth range 2 ft / 12 lbs / Fluorocarbon.

- Weight 0.3 oz.

- Length 1.9”.

- Lip made of CB G10.

- 304 Stainless Steel wire.

- Premium Treble Hooks and Split Rings.

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