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Water Wood Custom Baits

Turbo Prop

Turbo Prop

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Manufacturer Description:

"Water Wood is based in the Carolinas, where double-propped topwater baits fished over bream beds is a way of life, but the Turbo Prop builds on that existing heritage to make a better tool for the job. Through the use of out of Marupá Pedra wood, it’s heavier than the rest, which means it’s easier to cast than balsa lures that catch the wind. That means your first shot at spooky bass will always be on target. It also means that the lure works better in a chop, preventing it from flying out of the water or foul hooking on the prop. Finally, whether you utilize short twitches or faster, longer pulls, it stays consistent and makes exactly the amount of commotion that you desire. Even when bream bed season is over it remains a proven killer, and it’s remarkably deadly at night, when bass can locate it easily and end up pinned to the razor-sharp trebles. The construction also enables us to put on larger and stouter hooks than the competition, which provides more bite and better holding power."

TP SMS Specifications  


  • Built out of Marupá Pedra wood from the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Weight 0.6 oz.
  • Length 2.7".
  • 304 Stainless Steel wire.
  • Premium Treble Hooks and Split Rings.

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