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Water Wood Custom Baits

Wobbly 100 D

Wobbly 100 D

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-Built out of Marupá Pedra wood from the Amazon Rainforest.
-Depth range 6ft / 12 lbs / Fluorocarbon.
-Weight 0.4 oz.
-Length 2.15".
-Lip made of CB G10.
-304 Stainless Steel wire.
-Premium Treble Hooks and Split Rings.

 Manufacturer's Description:
"The Wobbly 100 Deep, like its shallower-running companion, offers a distinct hard wobble that excels when hitting off hard targets or when ripping it free from deeper grass. When it hits the fish-holding target, it shoots off to the side wildly before continuing along on its predetermined path, unless of course it’s interrupted by a vicious strike. With a body somewhere between that of a flat side and a round bait, it offers up the best of both worlds, and a unique sound footprint that fish in the 5 to 6 foot depth range have not previously seen.

The Wobbly comes in Standard and Deep models, so you can offer up the same productive body style and action in two distinct depth ranges as the bite changes throughout the day. Because they’re made of dense Marupá Pedra wood from the Brazilian rainforest, they’re substantially more castable than other lures in their category.

As with all Water Wood crankbaits, each Wobbly 100 Deep is water-tested, tuned and completely inspected before being put in the hands of serious anglers. No matter how many times or how hard you bang them off of riprap, they’ll require minimal tuning thanks to the premium components, which means more time in the strike zone."

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